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    PLBus Smart Home Solutions for Smart Things Connectivity

    Power line communication (PLC) provides ideal solution for smart things connection in smart homes. Comparing with 2.4GHz RF such as Wifi and ZigBee, PLC signal transmission is not affected by walls, floors and metal shielding, and thus has no "blind spots". Especially, gPLC from LME is based on advanced OFDM digital communication technology and zero-crossing transmission, offering high performance in coping with noise and interference on power line and providing high data rate, comparing with traditional technologies using single carrier and simple modulation scheme.


    As shown below, PLBus smart home platform consists of PLBus gateway and device nodes. The gateway operates as the master node of PLBus network and is responsible for managing the network, including device node (also referred to as sub-node) registration, sub-node routine establishment, etc. The gateway has uplink to Internet.


    PLBus solutions provided by LME for smart homes include:

    • PLBus gateway
    • PLBus master-node module (for embedding into gateway)
    • PLBus module for smart devices


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